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Posted by On Friday, February 6, 2015

Dartmouth decides to ban hard alcohol and United Educators releases the results of their sexual assault study.

Dartmouth Bans Hard Alcohol

As part of a larger effort to address sexual assault by reforming Greek culture and the atmosphere of undergraduate social life, Dartmouth College has taken the more or less unprecedented step of banning hard liquor on campus. The ban will take effect when the spring semester starts on March 30 and will apply to any substance as strong or stronger than 15% alcohol. Other efforts include a four-year sexual violence prevention training program and self-imposed reforms of the Greek system.

The United Educators Report

Independent risk management and insurance firm United Educators recently released the results of a study of 305 sexual assault claims filed by 104 colleges and universities between 2011 and 2013. Their report has yielded a number of significant results of interest to anyone who follows the issue of campus sexual assault. United Educators found that of the 305 reported sexual assault cases, around 75% were investigated and 45% of those investigations led to the alleged perpetrator being found responsible. Other findings include the sanctions resulting from investigations where the perpetrator was found responsible and the link between the nature of an assault and the severity of the sanctions it resulted in:

More than four-fifths (82 percent) of expulsion sanctions were for perpetrators who either took advantage of a victim’s incapacitation or used physical force. Disciplinary probation and lesser sanctions were most often imposed by institutions when the sexual assault involved failed consent.



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