Real-Time Reports

CampusClarity offers in-depth, real-time reports on student course usage. Extensive reports from the CampusClarity learning management system help you to assess the impact of campus programming on your students and on your campus culture.

Real-Time Reporting

Assess the effectiveness of campus programming and strategically allocate resources where they’re needed with in-depth reporting on student attitudes and behaviors.

Track Progress

Track students’ progress through the course from Invite to Course Complete. Keep students on time by emailing customizable reminders on an automated schedule.

Monitor Performance

Monitor student performance in real-time. Breakdown analysis by demographics so you know where and how to focus your prevention efforts.

Discover Trends

Discover developing trends in student attitudes and behaviors with robust reporting from our follow-up courses. Download data for further analysis.

View in LMS or Export

View reports from the CampusClarity learning management system or export to Excel format at any time.