Sanction Courses

The Think About It sanction courses provide focused lessons designed to refresh students on crucial information from the initial Think About It program. We currently offer three 30-minute sanction courses tailored to reach students involved with drug, alcohol, and sexual violence violations.

Think About It: Alcohol

Help students plan for the night they want to have by teaching them to navigate and avoid the dangers of drinking. Think About It: Alcohol reviews tips for partying safely and addresses common misconceptions about alcohol in college.

Think About It: Drugs

Challenge students to reflect on why they use drugs, and whether the underlying causes of their drug use such as stress, depression, and chronic pain can and should be addressed with safer, healthier alternatives to narcotics.

Think About It: Rape Myths and Realities

Combat dangerous attitudes by reinforcing the definition and importance of consent, challenging common rape myths, and discussing the best ways to support survivors of sexual assault.