Management Skills Online Training Courses

Arm your supervisory employees with the knowledge and confidence to be their most effective and productive.

Accommodating Workers with Disabilities

This course explains what disability is, how to avoid discrimination based on a disability, and when to provide reasonable accommodations for one.

Leaves & Absence Management

Juggling the rights and benefits for employee attendance, absenteeism, and leaves of absence can be an enormous and confusing burden for supervisors. This course demystifies the process.

Performance Reviews

This course covers the skills necessary for conducting effective performance reviews that benefit an organization rather than create headaches for it.

Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse

This course explains how to detect and confront employee substance abuse before it results in lost productivity, neglected responsibilities, and workplace injuries, without violating privacy or disability laws.

Social Media for Managers

Employees’ irresponsible Internet postings cause irreparable harm. This course helps supervisors lawfully identify and respond to them in a way that avoids damage to your business.

Terminating Employees

A proper termination requires preparation and documentation that protects the organization from liability. This course shows supervisors how to terminate legally and with caution.