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Posted by On Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LawRoom is excited to announce the release of our new anti-harassment (AB 1825) training program: Intersections. Intersections invites organizations that fall under the AB 1825 requirements to create a workplace culture free of harassment and discrimination. Filled with engaging interactive exercises, the course teaches skills to identify, prevent, and report inappropriate and abusive conduct.

With tools to assign the course and track learners’ progress, Intersections enables administrators to meet training requirements easily and effectively.

The course includes the latest legal updates and a completely re-imagined learner experience.

Intersections course at a glance:

  • Completely redesigned look and feel
  • Expanded coverage to meet California’s new AB 2053 (prevention of abusive conduct) requirement
  • HTML5 platform
  • WCAG 2.0 Accessibility

    Putting Learners First

Case studyLawRoom’s team of instructional designers, writers, and artists has developed Intersections to deliver a flexible user-directed learning experience.

Following best-practices in e-learning and online training, Intersections teaches learners through a range of media-rich experiences. Compelling narratives, infographics, and immersive interactions make complicated legal concepts accessible and engaging. Real cases illustrate key legal principles, bringing the law alive and showing the real-world consequences of discriminatory conduct. Immersive interactions allow users to apply their knowledge in authentic situations, helping them develop useful skills.

Updates to the technology allowed our designers to create a more immersive learning experience. “The switch to HTML5 allowed us to design Intersections with interesting new interactions,” explains Jeremy Beckman, LawRoom’s Director of Design. “For the user, this means a greater emphasis on practicing how to apply what they learn in the real world.”

In-Depth Coverage Moves beyond Compliance

The name Intersections reflects the course’s exploration of how different forms of discrimination reinforce each other and how to create a positive company culture to counter those tendencies.

In addition to gender-based discrimination and harassment, Intersections covers discrimination based on other protected characteristics like race, age, and national origin.

Intersections also includes resources to help companies reach a standard higher than compliance. The course discusses important topics such as inclusive language in the workplace, bystander intervention, preventing abusive conduct, unconscious bias, and micro-aggressions.

Legal Updates

IntroPageAs of January 1, 2015, California employers must also include prevention of abusive conduct as a component of the training and education they offer their supervisors. This new law, AB 2053, does not change California’s anti-harassment and anti-discrimination rules. It only requires additional training.

LawRoom’s anti-harassment courses have always included training around abusive conduct. Keeping with AB 2053′s mandate, we have added an entire section on preventing and responding to abusive conduct. This section includes a definition of abusive conduct based on California’s new law, interactions to test learners’ understanding of abusive conduct, and practical tips for helping create a more supportive environment where abusive conduct is not tolerated. See our blog post for more details: Click here


Technological Upgrades

In addition to updating and refining our content, we have introduced important technological upgrades by moving our courses from Flash to HTML5. Intersections uses a standards-based HTML5 platform, improving accessibility and allowing us to make our courses compatible with mobile devices in the future.

“The technology changes in our new harassment course move us forward in several important ways,” says Eytan Klawer, Vice President of Product Development. “The HTML5 technology allows us to make the courses fully accessible, and, also allows us to move forward with our push to make the courses compatible with tablets. Of courses, the course looks great, and the video delivery takes advantage of browser capabilities to request video streams based on available resources.”

On-going Commitment

VisitMenuAt LawRoom we are committed to continually updating and improving our courses. Intersections is the latest in our series of award-winning anti-harassment trainings. For courses to be engaging, we know how important it is to keep our
content relevant and current.

In fact, California supervisors must train on anti-harassment every two years. To ensure that your supervisors don’t repeat the same training, we release a new version every other year.

2013′s releases, Lenses, won a Silver Stevie Award for best training site at the 11th annual American Business Awards. (Our course for students, Think About It, won gold.) Intersections continues this tradition of excellence, and we continue to innovate and develop our trainings to help define our industry’s standards.


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