CampusClarity/LawRoom Update Courses to Meet New York’s “Enough is Enough” Law

Posted by On Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On July 7, 2015, Governor Cuomo signed New York’s “Enough is Enough” bill into law, mandating uniform policies and procedures to address campus sexual violence across the state, including “student onboarding and ongoing education.” New York schools must have policies in place to comply with these new requirements by October 5, 2015. To help New York institutions of higher education educate campus communities about their rights and responsibilities under the new laws, CampusClarity and LawRoom have updated their courses.

Basically, the new legislation codifies sexual assault prevention and response policies already required for the 64 SUNY campuses, extending them to private colleges and universities with New York campuses to create a consistent statewide approach with campus policies that:

  • define consent as a clear, unambiguous and voluntary agreement to engage in specific sexual activity
  • grant witnesses and victims reporting in good faith incidents of sexual misconduct immunity from drug or alcohol conduct violations
  • provide a Bill of Rights to all students, informing them of their reporting options, available resources, and the right to a fair and impartial process that protects their privacy and dignity
  • require comprehensive training for all new students, including first-year or transfer, undergraduate, graduate, or professional

Our courses already cover federal training requirements under Title IX and the Campus SaVE Act, but our employee and student courses for New York schools will also cover the new state law requirements. Specifically, the following courses will address the additional New York requirements:

  • Think About It: versions for Undergraduates, Graduate Students and Adult Learners, as well as a shorter Campus SaVE Act version
  • Intersections (combined anti-harassment, Title IX, and Campus SaVE Act training for supervisors and non-supervisors)
  • Bridges (Title IX and Campus SaVE Act training for all employees)

These courses cover the following New York content:

  • statements of prohibition and equal protection
  • definition of affirmative consent
  • explanation of the students’ bill of rights and amnesty policy
  • additional procedures and protections required in conduct proceedings
  • the long-term costs of sexual violence

Contact us for detailed information on how our updated programs help New York schools provide mandated training that covers this material with high levels of instructional interactivity.

[UPDATE 8/28/2015]: Our webinar on updates to our courses that help meet the new NY requirements is now online: “Enough is Enough” addressing New York’s New Higher Education Requirements 

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