Student Accolades

We've received thousands of positive comments from students who have taken our courses. Below are a few .

“…I really felt like I was exposed to possible real-life situations, and thus I feel more prepared in avoiding them and doing what is right.”
-University of San Francisco
“I am a transfer student who has already taken a course like this. I think you guys did a great job, and it was very interactive. I learned so much from this compared to my previous course.”
-University of San Francisco
“GREAT COURSE…Real life situations and awesome tips for your safety. Excellent use of interaction instead of just lecturing the information. Well done!!”
-University of Idaho
“…Kudos to you guys for making this feminist unexpectedly proud of a college preparation class!”
“I especially appreciated the section on sexual assault, and I think it covered consent, rape culture, and rape myths in an informative and respectful way… Also, as a gay woman, I found the course very inclusive.”
“I love the games and the badges; it gives me something to have fun with while learning and something to work up to.”
“This course was very different from other similar classes I have taken. I got the feeling that the course was written by people who clearly understand situations that young people experience.”
“This was phenomenal…Best approach to teaching drug and alcohol safety that I have ever seen. Thank you.”
“Very practical and informative. It definitely influenced my perception of safe partying…”
“I really enjoyed going through each scenario because I felt as if each one was very realistic. Now I feel extremely confident that I know how to handle each situation I will be faced with.”
“I now have a better understanding of what to do in certain situations.”
“This course has really helped prepare me for college…”
“…the course was made to actually HELP and promote awareness and care, not to preach. Thanks!”
“This course helped me realize that someone very close to me, and whom I love very dearly, might be engaging in controlling behaviors toward their partner–and gave me the courage to speak to them about it.”
“Loved the course!”
-Texas Woman’s University
“This was actually so fun!…I wish there was a way to send it to my friends that aren’t going to ONU!”
“I really enjoyed this course. I actually found myself relaying a lot of the information to some of my friends who have already moved to college…The course has increased my interest in helping people, and watching out for people, even if I don’t know them.”
“It really opened my eyes. THANKS!!!”
“This course really spoke to me…”
“By far the most entertaining and informative interactive session that I have ever done. Would recommend.”
-Rochester Institute of Technology
“Thank you for this enriching course! I will use the knowledge that I have attained …
to help both myself and others…
-Rochester Institute of Technology
“This was really fun and informational! I actually found myself learning more not just about college, but about life itself.”
“It felt age-appropriate, which I’ve never gotten from something like this before. It was actually pretty fun, and I learned some new things.”
“I learned so much from this course.”
-Pacific Lutheran University
“Wonderful program that helps any college student transition into the college life!”
-University of Texas, Arlington

“It has done an excellent job preparing me for the challenges of college life. I feel empowered.”

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