think about it

Program to reduce risky student behavior and prevent sexual assault on your campus.

Think About It: Turning Points

Turning Points provides students with a foundation in four areas, sex in college, partying smart, sexual violence, and healthy relationships.














Think About It: Good Friends

Good Friends follows up with students early in their college life to track how their attitudes and behaviors have shifted.


























Think About It: The Way Forward

The Way Forward addresses students who have spent between seven and nine months on campus and are largely adjusted to college life.













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2013 Stevies

Endorsed by Educators

Think about it provides a superior student experience with cutting-edge design and proven harm reduction strategies. We can adapt it to many programs, from social marketing, to orientation, to BMI's and consent workshops. Peter Novak, Vice provost, Student life, USF

Praised by Students

This was phenomenal...Best approach to teaching drug and alcohol safety that I have ever seen. Thank you. -
GREAT COURSE...Real life situations and awesome tips for your safety. -
...Kudos to you guys for making this feminist unexpectedly proud of a college preparation class! -
This course has really helped prepare me for college... -
... the course was made to actually HELP and promote awareness and care, not to preach. Thanks! -
It really opened my eyes. THANKS!!! -

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